Memory minutes

What are memory minutes? 📝

Memory minutes are records of an exam that has already been completed. These records are not made secretly during the exam, but are written from memory. Hence, the name memory minutes. The memory minutes of an exam helps future students to better prepare for their exam in the corresponding course, because they can better estimate what to expect.

And what do I get out of it? 🤔

Unfortunately, the memory minutes are of no use for yourself. (Unless you plan to write the exam again. 😉) However, you yourself have probably already prepared for an exam based on the notes of fellow students in higher semesters or successfully completed an exercise.
So don't do it for yourself but for the future students! 👩‍🎓📈

Where can I find existing memory minutes? 🗄️

We maintain a collection, which we call Student Exam Archive or SEArch in short. This collection contains memory minutes for most modules at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering. However, since the exams are constantly changing, we are constantly in need of new memory minutes, which we then add to our collection.

Convinced?! What do I have to keep in mind? 🚨

Legally, the exact wording of each exam is the spiritual property of the examiner. Therefore, we cannot include original exams or identical wording of assignments in our collection. However, the memory minutes, which are written from memory, are only roughly equal to the content of the exam and therefore cannot be claimed as spiritual property by the examiner.
If you are an expert in the Art of memory 🌐 please do not write down the exact exam but rewrite it in such a way that there is not too much similarity to the wording of the real exam.
One last note: Please submit only memory protocols for exams or tests. Transcripts of exercises, preparation of papers or other equivalent records will not be included in our collection.