✨ Rhinoletten ✨

The bath slippers with the FaRaFMB logo are perfect for daily use in the apartment, on the road when traveling or simply on the way to university - the simple design makes it possible.

To place an order, enter your details directly into the form here. The price per pair will be a maximum of 30 €, but will be reduced the more orders we receive. A collective order will be placed at the earliest when we have reached a minimum of 30 orders.

If you have any questions, write us on social media, by email or stop by the office.

We look forward to having many Rhinoletten in your possession soon!

Price levels Update!

57 / 100

57 %

There are different price levels, which can be reached depending on the number of orders placed. You can find a list of achievable goals and associated prices in the table. We will place an order no later than 31.10.2022. So it's best to let your friends know to make it cheaper for all of us.

Orders Price
30 28 €
50 24 €
100 21 €
Registration for our Rhinoletten is closed, as we will place an order soon. Exact information about the delivery date and payment will be sent to all people with an order in the next few days. If and when we place a collective order again is still uncertain at the current time.